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DAF YP-408 - Armored Personnel Carrier

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This site is a tribute to the DAF YP408 Armored Personnel Carrier and the men who served on it. The YP was in use by the Dutch Army in the seventies and eighties and was both loved and cursed. It was build by DAF, van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek, one of the only Dutch car- and truck factories. Different versions were made and it served as APC, weapons platform (TOW), ammunition- and wounded transport. It had an important role during the UN peace keeping mission in Lebanon.

Purpose of this site is to gather as much information, photo's, drawings and stories about this vehicle, which played such a big role in many young Dutch soldiers life's.

Please use the links in the left menu to find out more about the different versions and the technical details of this vehicle. A growing number of former soldiers has responded by sending photo's from their tour of duty. Check them out at the photo-album. 750 vehicles were build and since they became obsolete in 1989 only a few of them survived. These are gathered at the survivors section.

This site is entirely in Dutch, but I'm sure most of the content of these pages speak for itself. Enjoy.

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